About us

"Linea Botonex" company situated in Kielce is a reputable manufacturer and importer of tailor accessories for the clothing. Many years of experience ( since 1995) in production and import, enabled us to achieve the high quality and the variety of our products. We cooperate with the best manufacturing companies from all over the world. Products offered by us are: tailor's accessories, such as buttons, buckles, clasps, latches, rivets, zips, cursors, etc. We also produceclothing labels, jacquards and the seals, using different techniques. Our products are aimed at manufacturers of female and male clothing, jeans and leather clothing, as well as underwear and swimsuits manufacturers.

For the production we use high quality materials, such as: polyester, polymethylmethacrylate, brass and znal in galvanic production. We also have products made from natural materials such as: coconut, wood, cork, seashells, banana fiber, rock crystal, buffalo horn. We have a current access to fashionable designs and forms, models and galvanic production. The company is focused on the high quality and timeless of its tasks. We have our own graphic design studio and for the customer orders we make accessories with the company logo. Clients can trust us, even with the most comlicated work. The proposed accessories meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. Among our clients are the most prestigious compoanies in Poland: BIALCON, BIG ,STAR, CATERINA, DENI CLER, EVA MINGE, HEXELINE, LA MANIA, LAURA GUIDI, MARBET, MONNARI, NO MORE, OCHNIK, PARYS FURS, ROBERT KUPISZ, RYŁKO, SIMPLE, WÓJCIK, VISTULA, VITO VERGELIS, 303 AVENUE, 4F and many others. We also supply a number of fashion, jewellery, advertising bussinesses and numerous haberdashery shops. We invite you to cooperate with us by visiting our headquarter in Kielce, arranging an appointment with our Sales Representative, as well as buying in our online store.