Thermodots and Jets

Jades also called thermoses, crystals or zircons are decorative elements glued to the material under the influence of high temperatures that mimic natural stones.

They are not as big as, for example, faceted stones, but they are great for decorating clothes or shoes.
The sizes of rhinestones, usually found on garments on which all decorative motives are made, are usually 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm. Like small dimensions, but thanks to the use of such small elements it is possible to arrange even the most complicated designs.
Jets are available in a variety of colours - from traditional transparent crystal, through shades of pink, violet, blue, to shades of yellow. It is also worth mentioning the "special" colours, which are iridescent colours, whose shades change depending on the angles of light, and jets that look like pure gold or silver.
Thermodynamics can also be easily diversified by using other ornaments such as taper plates or metal pearls. Patterns created with different hot fix decorations are even more noticeable by the variety of colour shades that can be used in this way.
Filled acrylic stones are stones whose edges are cut under the bevel, creating numerous collapses, so that the light falling on the stone from different angles is reflected from it, giving the impression that the stone is shining.
The most popular are round, square, oval or tear-shaped stones, some of which are compared to the shape of a drop of water.
These stones occur either as stapling stones (with holes) or as sticking stones. However, the latter can be selected either in the version with impregnated adhesive, which under the influence of temperature dissolves and allows to glue to the selected material, or in the version without glue - then the bottom side of the stone is smooth and the stone should be glued with a glue, such as a gun.
Flat plates are metal plates that look like heads from a nail - they are completely flat. As for the colours of these plaques, as in the case of tapered blades and metal halves, they can be found primarily in basic colours such as silver and gold, in gloss and mat.
All plaques are hot fix ornaments adorned with heat stickers. On each plate, from the bottom there is a special dried adhesive, which, when exposed to high temperatures, allows to glue the plaque to selected materials.